"Showdown at Tiger Beach" Festival Cut

Finding Nemo's Garden - Sea & Science in the Land of the Renaissance (Festival Cut)

Jimmy Charles "Bout Summertime" Music Video

Flower Garden - Exploring the National Reef of Texas

"Double Zero and the Shark-Finning Ship" Opening Sequence for OWU Film Fest

Virgin Islands Dept. of Health "Perinatal"

"Showdown at Tiger Beach" Trailer

Bethlehem in the Bohol Sea - Fest Cut

Boston Sea Rovers 2016 Promo

"Wine Diving in Croatia" Fest Cut

"The Beast is Dead" Directed by Leandro Blanco - Narrated by Paul Cater Deaton

Texas Society of the Virgin Islands Chili Cookoff TV:30

"Ice Shack Yoopers" Opening Sequence for Our World Underwater Film Festival

"Apache Action" Record-Breaking Speedboat Run Key West/Havana