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The Only Good Shark

From his acclaimed 2016 TEDx Talk, “The Only Good Shark,” underwater filmmaker and documentary producer Paul Cater Deaton explores how human predatory behaviors have caused the horrific loss of over 90% of the ocean’s apex predator, the shark. Deaton challenges the ages-old myth that sharks are mindless killing machines, and counters with facts and images.

The presentation includes film of human interactions with dozens of sharks in open water. PCD explains how such gruesome and unsustainable practices as shark finning are disastrous to shark populations, and how this could have a catastrophic impact on all life on earth. He discusses why people should care about the shark’s critical role in nature's balance, and offers solutions to this global threat.

The producer has made this film available for download at no charge for educational purposes. Using it for profit in any way is strictly prohibited.

Music and stock footage used by permission and under license from Storyblocks.

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