Ocean in Google Earth

SAN FRANCISCO - The newest version of Google Earth includes video content by Paul Cater Deaton. He contributed several video compositions to the “Explore the Ocean” layer of Ocean in Google Earth. A key component of Google Earth 5.0, this feature enables users to dive beneath the surface of the sea and explore the world's oceans. Google Earth 5.0 was launched at the California Academy of Sciences, in San Francisco. Speaking at the event were Google CEO Eric Schmidt; The Honorable Al Gore; John Hanke, Director, Google Earth and Maps; Sylvia Earle, Explorer-in-residence, National Geographic; Terry Garcia, Executive Vice President for Mission Programs, National Geographic Society; and Singer/Songwriter, Jimmy Buffett.

Deaton’s Red Sea Shipwrecks and Ras Mohammed National Park in the Egyptian Red Sea outline reef conservation and sustainability efforts in the waters off Egypt. Pelagic Tunicates Roam the World's Oceans is set in the Western Indian Ocean, and Nudibranchs - Colorful and Fascinating focuses on the Great Barrier Reef. Ocean in Google Earth comes closer to his Caribbean home with Deaton's Invasion of the Lionfish and Protecting the Reefs of Bonaire, set in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.

A multiple award-winning writer, producer, director and cinematographer, Deaton lives on St. Thomas and travels the world on filming expeditions. Shooting on six continents over a career spanning 31 years, Deaton has spent thousands of hours underwater in many of the world's oceans and seas. His insights bring a unique perspective to Ocean in Google Earth. Deaton was one of the first independent filmmakers approached to provide content for Ocean in Google Earth. His work joins that of National Geographic, the BBC, Cousteau Society, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other entities devoted to global oceans.

“It has been a genuine honor to be involved in this project,” says Deaton, “and I have been asked to play a continuing role in future versions.” Ocean in Google Earth was conceptualized by world-renowned marine scientist, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and the creators of Google Earth. When invited to participate in the initiative, Deaton leapt at the opportunity. “Dr. Earle personifies marine discovery and conservation,” Deaton said. “Sylvia Earle and her colleagues are the platinum standard, and working alongside such titans is an unparalleled opportunity.”

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