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Paul Cater Deaton: Store

Showdown at Tiger Beach

As an homage to Lloyd Bridges, Sea Hunt, and the B&W television shows of his youth, documentary filmmaker Paul Cater Deaton brings us Showdown at Tiger Beach. On location 25 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama, PCD joined an expedition with Epic Diving and shark shooter extraordinaire, Joe Romeiro, for some of the most high-voltage diving of his life. At times surrounded by 12 large tigers, and dozens of other sharks, the divers found a target-rich environment for filming animal behaviors and heart-stopping human interaction. Only $6.99! Purchase Download Here!

Lionfish, The Beautiful Outlaw - Widescreen DVD

Lionfish, The Beautiful Outlaw explores the Indo-Pacific lionfish as an invasive species in the Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Pterois volitans is a bold, voracious predator with a mane of venomous spines, capable of rendering a sting fatal to many marine species and excruciatingly painful to humans. As an invasive species, this deadly beauty could upset the delicate ecological balance of reef systems already in peril. Fear and misinformation abound as the marine community struggles to cope with the invasion. The typical result is a death sentence for the Lionfish. In Lionfish, The Beautiful Outlaw, documentary filmmakers Paul Cater Deaton and Monica Gephart travel the world in search of answers. Film locations include native lionfish habitats in the Philippines, Solomon Islands and the Egyptian Red Sea, and their “adopted” waters in the Florida Keys, Bonaire, Belize, and the Virgin Islands. Features interviews with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry and others. Widescreen. Total Running Time 28:30.

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Night Train to Cairo - DVD

“The land where history was invented” sprawls across the screen in Night Train to Cairo. Join PCD in Egypt and the Sinai for hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings, SCUBA diving the magnificent reefs and haunting wrecks of the Red Sea, enjoying shisha in the tea houses of Cairo and Thebes, the skulls of dead monks at the Monastery of St. Catherine, riding camels up Mt. Sinai, and winding through the back streets of Luxor in horsedrawn carriages. All aboard the Night Train to Cairo! Running Time: 24 min.

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Dumaguete 5X5 - A Slice of the Coral Triangle - DVD

In Dumaguete 5X5 - A Slice of the Coral Triangle, Paul travels to Southeast Asia and a special corner of the Sulu Sea to explore one of the most prolific coral reef systems on Earth. From the southern Philippine island of Negros Oriental, the team dives sites off Dumaguete, and famed Marine Sanctuary, Apo Island. The film also takes us across the planet to Chicago, and we discover the ties between Apo Island and the Shedd Aquarium. Running time: 26 min.

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Bilikiki Diary - Diving "The Slot" - DVD

Bilikiki Diary - Diving "The Slot" shows why the Solomon Islands are commonly among the top three diving destinations in the world. See fascinating aquatic behaviors, from the astonishing camouflage abilities of the Cuttlefish, to the obsessive-compulsive antics of “Shrimpdozers.” Life on the surface is a fusion of color and vivacity, including the Floating Market and the "Popcorn Bombers." Also explores the Solomon Islands' importance during WWII. Running Time: 24 min.

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