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Paul Cater Deaton: Photos

Shooting "Egypt - Karnak to Coral Reef" on the Giza Plain. Photo: Randy Saletnik
Blacktip Shark gets some screen time as PCD films a scene for "The Last Hurrah" off Little Cayman.
PCD Interviews performer Sheila E after sharing the stage with her at Reichhold Center for the Arts. Photo: Drew Alston
In his "home waters" off St. Thomas, PCD films a sequence for thePBS series, "Jonathan Bird's Blue World."
Not all mermaids live underwater! PCD films St. Thomas Carnival 2013. Photo: Monica Gephart
Directing the driveby scene for the "Brother" music video. Photo: Richard Spenceley
Paul in his favorite "studio" shooting "Antilles Extreme" on Bonaire. Photo: Wilco Landzaat
Scouting locations for Paramount at the dawn of a career - 1979. Photo: Daniel Schaefer
With Richard Kooris at Barton Springs for Austin City Limits. Photo: Daniel Schaefer
With Richard Kooris on "Austin City Limits" opening sequence. Photo: Daniel Schaefer
Interviewing Senator Shawn-Michael Malone for "The Beer-Drinking Pigs of St. Croix."
Paul shoots Malatapay Market in Negros Orientales, Philippines.  Photo: Monica Gephart
Shooting behind the scenes at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago.    Photo: Monica Gephart
Shooting Zac Harmon Band at St. John Blues Festival. He also directed the multi-camera shoot. Photo: Steve Simonsen
A satisfied PCD is ready to call it "a wrap" after shooting on the Dumaguete Waterfront, in the Philippines. Monica Gephart photo.
Interviewing Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry at DEMA 2009. Photo: Noelle Deaton
Putting muscle into Jim Barham's dolly on national spot for Exxon. Photo: Steve Maedl
It's true. There are suds-swilling swine on St. Croix. Photo: Mighty Pat

Photos by PCD

Solomon Islands "Floating Markets" kept us provisioned during the filming of "Bilikiki Diary - Diving 'The Slot'" in 2006. PCD Photo
"They Might be Giants" - Whale sharks survey an outrigger off Oslob, in the Philippines. PCD was in-country for a month, returning with enough footage for five different documentaries. PCD Photo
The Psychedelic World of Coral Fluorescence is the subject of PCD's latest documentary.
Exotic bangkas bring explorers to Coron Island, Philippines. PCD Photo
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