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Paul Cater Deaton: Photos

Expedition: Egypt 2011
With Philippe Cousteau during their induction into Boston Sea Rovers. Photo: Jack Chalk
On location with Bedouin tribe in the Sinai. Photo: Trey Evans
With Stan Waterman and Nancy McGee at Boston Sea Rovers. Photo: Jack Chalk
PCD plays "Mr. Mushnik" in "Little Shop of Horrors." Photo: Sean McCoy
Bundled against the desert cold for sunrise from the summit of Mt. Sinai. Photo: Ahmad
Paul's work has resulted in several industry awards for professional excellence.
Showing his "sinister" side, PCD poses for a headshot by Monica Gephart.
At Rastafari fair during "Southbound Adventures" shoot. Photo: Noelle Deaton

Production Stills

Surprisingly cheery, PCD emerges from his first dive under the ice. Photo: Brian Bangert
PCD enters the water to film the Project Nautilus world-record SCUBA endurance record attempt for The Discovery Channel. Photo: Monica Gephart
Paul prepares to board the Bell 230 helo after the historic flight to Cuba when Apache Star made the record-smashing speedboat run from Key West to Havana. The team stayed in Cuba for four days. Photo: Lex Barker
Wayne Hasson follows Stan Waterman on the pioneer's final SCUBA dive as PCD films from below. Photo: Alan Robertson
After an aerial shoot over St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Photo: Joel Tranum
An eight-foot Tiger Shark is ready for her closeup as PCD gets the shot at Tiger Beach, Bahamas. Photo: Gregory B. Holmes
Waiting for transport to the Belizean jungle after a week of filming Lionfish. Photo: Monica Gephart
PCD Interviewed for Filipino-American TV at Travel & Adventure Show, Chicago. Photo: Monica Gephart
A Tiger Shark named Princess Jamin poses for Paul Cater Deaton. Photo: Chris Mazingo
A battle-scarred White Pointer named "Horizon" passes before PCD off Guadalupe Island.
A curious Tiger Shark moves in for a closer look at Underwater Filmmaker, Paul Cater Deaton. Photo: Gregory B. Holmes
PCD directs actress Jada Lark on a commercial for FirstExpress.
Monica Gephart captured this image of PCD "directing" a jellyfish at Turneffe Atoll, Belize.
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