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Paul Cater Deaton: Screen


(Breast Cancer Awareness PSA)

Reel Men

(Prostate Cancer Awareness PSA)

Cook, Dixon & Young at Reichhold Center

(Concert Promo)

Against Her Will

(Public Service Announcement)
Paul Cater Deaton - Director of Photography

Bilikiki Diary


De People Say

(Campaign Commercial for Senator Shawn-Michael Malone)

The Coral Triangle - A Fragile Treasure

(Ocean in Google Earth)

Protecting the Reefs of Bonaire

(Ocean in Google Earth)

Invasion of the Lionfish

(Ocean in Google Earth)

Impact of Shipwrecks on the Red Sea

(Ocean in Google Earth)

Ras Mohammed National Park in Egyptian Red Sea

(Ocean in Google Earth)

The Nudibranch - Colorful & Fascinating

(Ocean in Google Earth)

Pelagic Tunicates Roam the World's Oceans

(Ocean in Google Earth)

Gun Crimes Hit Home

(PSA for Project Safe Neighborhoods)
Addy Award
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