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Paul Cater Deaton: Screen

Welcome to the Screening Room

(Press Any Title)

Showdown at Tiger Beach


33rd Annual Texas Society of the Virgin Islands Chili Cookoff

(Public Service Announcement)

"Bout Summertime" Music Video

(Jimmy Charles)
June 27, 2017

Bethlehem in the Bohol Sea

(Festival Cut)

Cimmaron St. John

(Villa Reel)

Boston Sea Rovers Promo

(Paul Cater Deaton)

The Last Hurrah

(Festival Cut)

Apache Speedboats

(Key West - Havana World Record)

Lionfish, The Beautiful Outlaw

(Film Festival Cut)

PCD Reel - 2016

(Paul Cater Deaton)

It Takes a Village to Save a Reef

(Featured in "Ocean in Google Earth")

First Express Bank

("Piggy Bank")

Night Train to Cairo


Our Man in Washington

(Senator Shawn-Michael Malone)

The Beast is Dead

(Narrated by Paul Cater Deaton)

Governor's Children & Families Council

("All the Help I Can")

Why UVI - Christopher

(National Commercial)

Dumaguete 5x5

(Philippines Documentary Promo)

Southbound Adventures

(Series Pilot Promo)
Addy Award for Cinematography


(First USVI Music Video on MTV Network)
Gold Addy & Best in Show Video


(Breast Cancer Awareness PSA)

Reel Men

(Prostate Cancer Awareness PSA)

Cook, Dixon & Young at Reichhold Center

(Concert Promo)

Against Her Will

(Public Service Announcement)
Paul Cater Deaton - Director of Photography
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